About the Artist

I've been a commercial photographer for almost 40 years.  Yeah, that makes me sound really old.  I kinda am.  But after 40 years, I still get excited about what I do.  I love to create stories through photographs.

Photography is all about light.  Light creates the photograph, but it does more than that.  It creates the image, it creates depth, it creates the story.  I try to create the story of music, of  a live show, the story of an artist thru a portrait, of the story of the music on an album through the light and the story that we can tell.

I have worked with some of the greatest singers, song writers and musicians you've never heard of, but the talent is over the top awesome.  And what we do is to let the world see and experience that talent through the photos we create, through the shows we photograph, though the lens that lets world sees the art of the musician.

My commercial work has been for the likes of Lockheed, Home Depot, the US Air Force, May D&F Department Stores, oil companies, communication companies and small start ups.  My work has been published in Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Playboy, Rolling Stone and too many photo magazines to list.

Let's get down to work and create something special.


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